10 Questions To Ask Your Professional Carpet Cleaning Companies

When it comes to professional carpet cleaning, most people are usually tempted to go for the cheapest service provider, not knowing that sometimes cheap can be expensive. Perhaps you’re asking yourself, “how can cheap be expensive?”

 Let’s take a scenario where someone is interested in hiring a professional carpet cleaning company. So they start their search online, looking at various carpet cleaning providers. During their investigation, the person comes across one provider in particular, whose price is too low compared to all the others; a merit so intense that it stands out. This person immediately gets excited, thinking just how much they’ll be able to save and the thought it is too tempting to let go.

 The customer decides to hire that carpet cleaning company on the spot without even giving it much of a thought. During the cleaning, the process takes too long, quite longer than they had advertised but the client doesn’t know the reason this is happening because the technicians are using substandard carpet cleaning equipment.

 The drying time also turns out to be even longer, simply because they didn’t have the right equipment to dry the carpet faster. Since the technicians used substandard cleaning equipment, the entire home is left saturated with dust, and poor air quality.

 The problems don’t end there, because you’re yet to experience the long-term effects of low quality professional carpet cleaning companies’ services. In the long-run, your carpet will succumb to increased wear & tear and it will soon need replacement. This means that your carpet will have lasted way below its originally estimated productive life, which is as a result of poor cleaning techniques and use of substandard equipment & cleaning solutions.

 Instead of hiring carpet cleaners who will ruin your carpet, it is essential to be more diligent while selecting your carpet cleaning company.

 Don’t spend thousands of dollars replacing the carpets in your property, simply because you consistently hired the wrong people to clean your carpet. Below is a list of essential questions that you should ask professional carpet cleaning companies before you hire them:

  •  What are their credentials?

Don’t be shy to ask for all relevant credentials, such as proof of Institute of inspection cleaning and restoration certification (IICRC). The IICRC only certifies carpet cleaners who have appropriate academic qualifications in carpet cleaning, and have the gained enough experience to operate a successful cleaning company.

 How long have they been in operation cleaning carpets?

The longer they’ve been in the carpet cleaning industry, the greater their experience and knowledge. If they’ve been in business for a long time and have positive reviews, it means they are doing something right.

 Are they an insured & licensed carpet cleaning company?

A license is a permit to operate a legitimate business. Any serious carpet cleaning companies will have a valid license issued if required by the local authorities which allows them to work within the state, city or municipal area.

 A reliable carpet cleaning company will have an insurance cover to protect the employees in case of injury while on the line of duty or in case of any damage to a client’s property. This will ensure that you’re cushioned out from any injury claims and that you’re duly compensated in case of damage to your property.

 Ask if they have references for cleaning carpet, tile & upholstery

Ask for a list of valid reverences from previous clients, including testimonials, and quality of service comments & reviews. With such info, you’re able to get a clear picture of the percentage of client satisfaction on the company’s services.

 What carpet cleaning methods do they apply?

Make sure the company has a truck-powered hot-water extraction system; it provides the best suction for cleaning carpets. This is the most effective method, since it has a large hose pipe attached to a tank and its purpose is to extract water, dust & all dirt agents directly from the carpet thus guaranteeing fresh air quality even after cleaning is completed.

 Are the carpet cleaning technicians background checked?

Be sure to inquire about the criteria the company uses to hire its employees. How are they screened for drugs, criminal background and good conduct? Additionally, what kind of training do their employees receive after they are hired to ensure they keep up with current carpet cleaning technological innovations?

 How long does it take to clean & dry my carpet?

If they have quality equipment, cleaning should take minimal time & expect super fast drying. Whatever you do, do not accept anything more than 6 hours drying time.

What type of cleaning solutions do they use?

 Eco-friendly cleaning solutions are the best since they preserve the carpet and are also not harmful to humans in case of physical and respiratory system contact. Always insist on green cleaning!

  How do they charge for carpet cleaning?

Do they charge hourly or a fixed price based on the carpet’s size and fabric? Hourly rates can be advantageous if they give you an accurate estimate of the amount of time it will take to clean & dry the carpet. However, fixed contracts can also be advantageous, because however long they assume there will not be any additional charges on the client.

 Do they offer any written guarantee for their services?

A credible carpet cleaning company should be fully accountable for its service, and be ready to offer a money-back guarantee in case the client is not satisfied. Be sure to inquire about their conditions for the carpet cleaning money-back guarantee.

 With these guidelines in hand, you can be knowledgeable that you are hiring the right carpet cleaning company to protect your home’s carpet. Contact Blues Carpet Cleaning to book your next carpet cleaning.