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Welcome to Blues Carpet Cleaning! With over 20 years of dedicated service in the Pikes Peak region, Blues Carpet Cleaning takes immense pride in being your go-to partner for top-quality carpet cleaning solutions. We understand the importance of a clean and healthy home environment, and our commitment to excellence ensures that your carpets are restored to their original form, leaving your living spaces fresh and vibrant. 

Highly trained carpet cleaners, with years of experience in residential and commercial cleaning

We only hire the best, because we are the best.

Great customer service - 100% commitment to our customers

We always welcome client feedback, recommendations and suggestions so that we can continue improving and serving our clients in the best way possible. If you ever feel that you’re not satisfied with any of our services, contact us anytime and it will be rectified.

Intensive cleaning techniques

Apart from the normal carpet cleaning techniques, such as: Steam cleaning, dry cleaning, bonnet cleaning and carpet shampooing, we also incorporate other intensive cleaning methods. Be sure to ask about our deep cleaning services.

Eco-friendly cleaning products

All of the products that we use are safe for physical contact. We also strive to ensure that any cleaning products and solutions we use are environmentally friendly.

Highly vetted cleaning technicians

All our technicians are not only highly skilled; they are also background checked.

State of the art carpet cleaning equipment

Our time and experience in the carpet cleaning industry has enabled us to invest in top equipment, in order to serve our clients in the best way possible. Over the years, we have invested in modern and up-to-date cleaning equipment, to ensure that we are able to clean all types of carpets no matter the size or make.

Custom carpet cleaning

We know what cleaning method is best for your carpet, based on its material/fabric. However, we always encourage our clients to come forward if they want to share ideas with our technicians, regarding the cleaning process.

Safe & cautious cleaning

Our goal is to ensure that we leave your home in a better condition than we found it. All furniture and equipment is moved with care and caution, and after cleaning is moved back to its proper place. We have the muscle to move heavy equipment & furniture.

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Frequently asked questions

The life of your carpet can be increased simply by having it professionally cleaned on a regular basis. When it comes to maintaining the integrity of their warranties, many carpet manufacturers demand this. When you avoid cleanings, you risk attracting even more dust, filth, dander, and allergens. Cleaning your carpet on a regular basis can help it regain its natural gloss and appearance.

It is dependent on the family. If you have children, dogs, smokers, or a large household in general, you will need to clean your home more frequently than if you don’t. It happens every six to twelve months on average.

We utilize a technique known as “truck mounted hot water extraction,” or “steam cleaning.” This approach is recommended by carpet producers since it pulls up dirt without hurting the fabric. To get the job done well, we use some of the most powerful equipment available.

Although vacuuming is not required, we strongly advise you to do so. Please make sure that all visible debris is eliminated if you don’t vacuum. If necessary and within reason, we will transport the majority of your furniture. As a result, bookcases, fish tanks, armoires, and other such items will not be relocated. Please remove all fragile things and décor so that we do not inadvertently damage anything.

Please let us know if you have any areas of concern so that we can give them additional attention. Also, we’re animal lovers, but if you don’t believe your pet will get along with us, please keep him or her in a secure area.

It is determined by the stain. Some stains are difficult or impossible to remove completely, but we always employ innovative stain removal techniques that aren’t accessible over the counter. Our stain removal success rate is quite good for all types of stains.

It takes roughly three to five hours on average. On humid days, your carpet and furniture may take longer to dry.

You can walk on your carpets as soon as we leave the room, but we recommend keeping traffic to a minimum until it is completely dry. When wet, flat surfaces such as tile and hardwood should be avoided since they are slick.

It isn’t always the case; in fact, it can be quite the reverse. Dirt and other soil buildup acts as an abrasive on your carpet, wearing it down. Professional carpet cleaning gives your carpets and fabrics new vitality, color, and volume.

It’s known as “wicking.” The spot that had been treated leaked back into the carpet’s backing and possibly even the padding. This is especially common with pet pee and any substantial amount of spilt liquid. The stain is eliminated from the pile of the carpeting when it is cleaned. The moisture settles back into the carpet and into the pile as it dries. This is why the stains resurface from time to time, however they can usually be eradicated. If this happens after your carpet cleaning, give us a call and we’ll take care of it for you. Thanks to our satisfaction guarantee, there’s no need to be concerned about costs.

Our cleaning process will remove most, if not all, of the usual odors. Some other odors that are more stubborn, like from pets, can linger, which can be knocked out with a deodorizer.



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