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Have you noticed dirt and grime accumulating on your grout and bathroom tiles? If so, this could result in mold and bacteria, and you should seek professional help.

The professionals at Blues Carpet Cleanings and Air Ducts can remove mold and bacteria to give your bathroom that fresh, clean feel.

Our tile cleaning services are available in Colorado Springs and the surrounding Pikes Peak region – contact us by phone at: (719) 494-1440, or use our online form.


Our Cleaning Services Include

Colorado Springs - Denver - Pueblo - Palmer Lake - Manitou Springs -Colorado Carpet/Tile Cleaning/Water Damage Service Near Me

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning and repair for homes & apartments in Colorado Springs and the Front Range using eco-friendly materials and modern equipment. Need emergency carpet service? Call Us Now!

Colorado Springs - Denver - Pueblo - Palmer Lake - Manitou Springs -Colorado Carpet/Tile Cleaning/Water Damage Service Near Me

Upholsetry & Furniture Cleaning

The local experts in upholstery cleaning! We remove stains, fur and dirt from couches, futons and any piece of furniture - bringing it back to its original clean shape! Make your upholstery clean again TODAY!

Colorado Springs - Denver - Pueblo - Palmer Lake - Manitou Springs -Colorado Carpet/Tile Cleaning/Water Damage Service Near Me

Air Duct Cleaning

Full-service air duct cleaning services in Colorado Springs. Improve the air quality of your home and keep the air ducts clean and restored! Less allergens, dirt and dust all start with a clean air duct. Get MORE DETAILS NOW!

Colorado Springs - Denver - Pueblo - Palmer Lake - Manitou Springs -Colorado Carpet/Tile Cleaning/Water Damage Service Near Me

Tile Cleaning

Dirt and grime builds up on grout and bathroom tiles. Give Blues Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning a call to renew that clean bathroom feel.

Colorado Springs - Denver - Pueblo - Palmer Lake - Manitou Springs -Colorado Carpet/Tile Cleaning/Water Damage Service Near Me

Full Resotration Services

Blues Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning responds to any water or sewage emergency quickly and efficiently. We are an IICRC Certified firm and can respond to emergencies of any size.

Colorado Springs - Denver - Pueblo - Palmer Lake - Manitou Springs -Colorado Carpet/Tile Cleaning/Water Damage Service Near Me

Ironing Services

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Why choose our tub/ shower tile bathroom cleaning services?

We are reliable

All technicians at Blues Carpet Cleaning are highly trained. We ensure that our staff members are up to date with current trends in the cleaning industry, so that we can serve our clients in the best way possible. Operating latest machinery is an integral part of a professional cleaner’s career, and we always ensure that our technicians are equipped with knowledge of current technological advances.

State of the art equipment

We have invested heavily in state of the art cleaning equipment, for all types of bathroom floors and walls. Do you have any dirt agents that are trapped too deep in the grout? Worry no more, we’ve got you covered.

We always take into consideration the clients input

If you want to add any sort of input regarding anything involving the cleaning process, we always encourage our clients to notify us beforehand. This ensures that we can offer a collaborative cleaning experience.

We use human and environmental friendly cleaning agents

Our cleaning agents are neither harmful to the environment nor humans. Our client’s safety is very important to us and we don’t want to compromise that. We are always willing to give our clients a walk through of the all the agents, chemical solutions and machinery that we plan to use.

We offer customized cleaning services

We understand that some homes have some very unique tiles installed in their bathrooms, and these usually require a customized cleaning procedure. In short, we don’t generalize the cleaning process because what works for a particular type of tile may not exactly work for another.

We do all the dirty work, so you don’t have to

Why spend hours scrubbing tile floors and walls when you can leave it to the professionals. You can trust in our expertise and resources to get the job done right. We are professionals, and we know just what your bathroom tub, floors and walls need for a breathtaking appearance.

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Frequently asked questions

It takes about 24 hours for the sealant to set and the grout to become well connected to the ground on average. Before stepping foot on a freshly tiled and grouted floor, let at least 30 minutes to pass.

Because grout is porous, it is unable to repel liquids and other substances. The sealant acts as a barrier, preventing dirt, grime, and spills from entering the space. Grout and sealants have a benefit in that the grout acts as a filler and adheres to the surface, while the sealer acts as an insulator and makes cleaning easier.

Yes. There is a deep cleaning approach that is especially effective on older tiles and grout. When these are left unattended for an extended period of time, mold and mildew develop, but with the right approach and materials, they can be cleaned.

It depends on a variety of circumstances, including how much wear and tear the tiles have undergone (kitchens and bathrooms take a different toll than the living room), whether there is a pet in the house, whether there are children in the house, and how often the tiles have been kept up. Less cleaning will be required if the grout is treated with a sealer. On average, a professional tile and grout cleaning should be done at least once or twice a year.

Yes. The grout colors can be modified thanks to a stain sealing procedure. It can be darkened as well as lightened.

With years of dirt and grime build-up, the tile and grout will fade, get discolored, and begin to deteriorate slowly. There are stains, markings, and tints that are so deeply embedded that ordinary household cleaners will not be able to remove them. Professional cleaners also have professional and heavy-duty equipment with which they can properly clean tile and grout. It is not viable to purchase these devices only for the purpose of cleaning residential tiles and grout; furthermore, professional expertise is recommended.

Steam mops are the greatest way to clean ceramic tile floors. This, however, will only work up to a point; beyond that, if you want to fully clean your tiles, you should use expert tile cleaning services. This makes it feasible to restore them to their original state.

This, too, is contingent on other conditions. The color sealer can usually last up to ten years, and in some cases much longer.

No. First and foremost, regular cleaning can restore it to new condition while maintaining the highest degree of quality. Replacing is an additional expense. If a renovation is required, it will result in members of the household being unable to use that space (bathroom, kitchen, or whichever room) for a period of time. There’s also the issue of dealing with noise, debris, dust, and cost, amongst other things. Overall, it is not cost effective to entirely rebuild and renovate; instead, cleaning is a far more viable solution.

Ceramics, tiles, and grouts require a little extra attention. It’s best to use a non-acidic cleaner. Remove stubborn stains with a gently acidic cleaner if the grout is a little too dirty. After that, it must be cleaned with water before being resealed for protection.



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