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Summer Duct Cleaning to Help Control Allergy Season


Throughout the spring and early summer when you run your home’s air conditioner, this can kick up and blow around various particles which can affect sensitive noses. The vents and air ducts in your house are connected to your HVAC system and if they are not clean, the system will blow these allergens around your home. For this reason, you should consider professional air duct cleaning for allergens and other contaminants.


Is Air Duct Cleaning Effective?

Cleaning the air duct involves removing dirt, debris, and contaminants from the air ducts. This should be done to decrease the levels of allergy-producing contaminants that are present in the air circulating inside your home. There is some debate on whether cleaning the ducts decreases allergy symptoms or not.

Some allergists and immunologists feel that cleaning your home’s air ducts may not be very helpful for people with allergies but that cleaning the air ducts is a healthy habit. This is because many contaminants found there when you clean your air ducts can worsen an allergic person’s symptoms. Cleaning them ensures you have healthy fresh air inside your home.


Common Allergens in Air Ducts

Allergens can cause significant health issues, particularly if one of your family members has respiratory issues or sensitive lungs. Knowing how allergens can affect you, precautions can be taken for your family’s comfort and health. Allergy symptoms can become severe when triggered. Here are some common allergens circulating in your air ducts:

Dust Mites

Dust mites are tiny organisms that inhabit most homes and typically live on upholstered furniture, beds, or any other fabric. They thrive on the dead skin cells that our bodies naturally shed. Dust mites produce waste which can aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms.


Mold can be found in almost any damp place because it requires moisture to grow. Mold is commonly found in places like the bathroom, shower, crawl spaces, and basements.

However, mold may not always be visible. Because it grows anywhere there’s moisture, it can hide behind walls, under flooring, and even in your air ducts. When mold grows, it releases airborne spores, which circulate into your home and is another common source of allergy symptoms.

Pet Dander

Just like humans shed dead skin, your fur babies tend to shed dead skin flecks, known as dander. Pet dander from dogs and cats circulates in the air and can accumulate in the ducts causing allergic reactions in people with allergies.


Pollen is present outdoors and from the ground it can get stuck in our shoes and clothes, unknowingly bringing it inside our home. This pollen is a big threat to many people who suffer from allergies. Opening windows and doors also permits pollen to pollute your home’s air. So extra caution should be taken with this allergen.

Every time your HVAC system kicks on to cool your home in the summer, air through the dirty ducts will carry dust mites and airborne dust into your home, along with any bacteria, mildew, pet dander, mold, and viruses that are present. That is why it is necessary to clean these impurities from air ducts. This will improve your home’s air quality and reduce allergy symptoms.

Poor air quality in your home can lead to several health problems. You or your family members may complain about nose, throat, and eye irritations or notice frequent sneezing, coughing, or headaches. If you notice any of these then it may be due to dirty air ducts, and you should consider having a professional cleaning. It’s not too late to get your ducts cleaned before the height of allergy season. If you need air duct cleaning, call Blues Carpet Cleaning & Air Ducts at (719)-494-1440. We would be happy to help get your home ready, so you can breathe easy with fewer allergies and enjoy your summer!