Tile Cleaning in Colorado Springs



Dirt and grime builds up on grout and bathroom tiles, which could potentially result in mold and bacteria - on top of the bad appearance of the tile. For these reasons, tile cleaning is something that needs to be addressed by professionals with dedicated tools, equipment, and expertise.

Give Blues Carpet Cleaning & Air Ducts a call to renew that clean bathroom feel.


We use state-of-the-art materials that will renew the look of your tile and grout, and completely remove the dirt that settled over time. 


When we are done cleaning your tiles, that original shine and color will be renewed.


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The bathroom is arguably one of the most vital places in a  home, whether you’re talking about a residential or a commercial property. Ask any reputable real estate investor and they will tell you that the bathroom contributes a huge percentage of the value of a property.

Bathrooms and kitchens are either deal makers or deal breakers because buyers are usually very categorical about these two areas in a property. An unkempt bathroom which has stains or discoloration on the tile & grout will scare away any potential buyers, no matter how beautiful the rest of the property is.

Most bathrooms are prone to dirt and grime accumulation.The usual mopping and scrubbing may not always be enough to get rid certain stains on the bathroom tiles, and with time they accumulate to an extent where the bathroom becomes an eyesore.

Instead of breaking your back every other day trying to scrub off grime and stains on your bathroom in futility, why not hire tile cleaning professionals?

We are a cleaning company operating throughout Colorado Springs tub/shower tile cleaning is one of our specialties . We know that a lot of people struggle with stubborn stains in their showers, which is why we are here to lend a helping hand.

Our training in tile bathroom cleaning and years of experience is what sets us apart from the rest of the pack. We take our job very seriously, and our mission is to change homes one bathroom at a time.

Our intensive cleaning process rehabilitates your bathroom: 

  • Removing all sorts of dirt agents and grime

  • Sealing of any gaps between tiles

  • Sealing cracks

  • Fixing any wear & tear

  • Disinfecting your entire bathroom

  • Polishing the walls, floors and tab

  • Restoring damaged tiles

  • Removing all toxic substances that pose a threat to the longevity of your shower room tiles

  • Removing soap scum from the tub

We are here to give your bathroom:

  • A clean outlook

  • A fresh recoloring

  • Smooth finish

  • Fresh nice fragrance

  • A new polished look

Why choose our tub/ shower tile bathroom cleaning services?

  • Highly trained & skilled technicians

All technicians at Blues Carpet Cleaning are highly trained. We ensure that our staff members are up to date with current trends in the cleaning industry, so that we can serve our clients in the best way possible.

Operating latest machinery is an integral part of a professional cleaner’s career, and we always ensure that our technicians are equipped with knowledge of current technological advances.

  • We use human and environmental friendly cleaning agents


Our cleaning agents are neither harmful to the environment nor humans. Our client’s safety is very important to us and we don’t want to compromise that. We are always willing to give our clients a walk through of the all the agents, chemical solutions and machinery that we plan to use.

  • State of the art equipment


We have invested heavily in state of the art cleaning equipment, for all types of bathroom floors and walls. Do you have any dirt agents that are trapped too deep in the grout? Worry no more, we’ve got you covered.

  • We offer customized cleaning services


We understand that some homes have some very unique tiles installed in their bathrooms, and these usually require a customized cleaning procedure. In short, we don’t generalize the cleaning process because what works for a particular type of tile may not exactly work for another.

  • We always take into consideration the clients input


If you want to add any sort of input regarding anything involving the cleaning process, we always encourage our clients to notify us beforehand. This ensures that we can offer a collaborative cleaning experience.

  • We do all the dirty work, so you don’t have to


Why spend hours scrubbing tile floors and walls  when you can leave it to the professionals.  You can trust in our expertise and resources to get the job done right. We are professionals, and we know just what your bathroom tub, floors and walls need for a breathtaking appearance.


We believe in giving all our clients great value for their money, and customer satisfaction is our drive. Give us a try and you will not regret it.