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Tips to Help Prevent Winter from Taking A Toll on Your Office Carpet

Tips to Help Prevent Winter from Taking A Toll on Your Office Carpet

Winter can not only be hard on the exterior of your building, but also on the interior of your office building. When we do get bad weather such as snow, we do our best to keep the sidewalks and parking lots clean with salt, sand, and other chemicals to make for a safer environment to enter the building. Unfortunately, these eliminate can be damaging to your carpet. Both employees and visitors unknowingly bring in the salt, sand, and slush that can be harmful to the fibers of your carpet. If not cared for properly they can leave crusty spots from the elements that may not come out with cleanings. Ultimately leaving you with costly repairs or leading up to full carpet replacement.

Establish Regular Cleanings During the Winter Months

Professional frequent carpet cleanings will help reduce wear and stains from lingering during the winter months. Commercial carpets are made to hide dirt and stains. Even though you might not see the dirt there can still be buildup that needs to be removed. Previous buildup dirt combined with salt sand and other grime can really take a toll on your carpet fibers causing them to break down and be damaged. Regular vacuuming and cleanings can help improve the longevity of your carpet.

Be Proactive About Protective Measures in Winter

Investing in protective mats to put in hallways can help detour salt and other dirt from making its way onto your carpet. Putting down protective mats in tiled hallways and on other hard surfaces can help reduce accidents and falls as well as, overall protect your surfaces from additional wear that could be harmful to both the tile and the carpet.

There are different types of mats to choose from to help you make the best of the winter elements.

Scraper Mats: They are made from a rubber material that has groves that capture any snow or debris that is tracked in through the front door. This allows your visitors to scrape their shoes before they enter your establishment.

Extraction Mat: These are used to absorb the moisture and dirt that is leftover from the scraper mats. They have a textured surface that is used to increase and maximize the collections of debris from coming into your building.

In addition to professional deep cleaning, consistent vacuuming and cleaning of floor mats is a great way to help detour dirt and debris that may get caught in your carpets.

Simple Solutions for Protecting Your Commercial Carpet in Winter

- Put up a “Wipe Your Feet” sign—everyone needs a reminder once in a while, so emphasize the importance of keeping your facility clean.

- Place a boot tray inside doorways and encourage employees to leave their winter boots at the door. If space allows, place a chair or bench in the area to make it easy for people to change their shoes.

- Frequently clean and scrape pathways and sidewalks leading into the building to reduce the amount of slush that makes its way in.

For all your carpet cleaning needs please call the experts at Blues Carpet Cleaning. We are always happy to help with any carpet cleaning needs you may have. Please call us today at (719) 494-1440!

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