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Maintenance Tips to help Prolong the Life of Your Vacuum

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Vacuum cleaners are a viable tool to help you keep the air quality of your home clean. They help remove dirt, dust, debris, and potential mold that could be lingering in your carpet. Like other tools, vacuums need to have a proper maintenance schedule as well to help improve the longevity of their lifespan. There are several maintenance tips that can help maximize the performance of your vacuum. Here are a few basis maintenance tips that will help you keep your favorite vacuum longer.

1.) Always make sure your vacuum is off and unplugged before you perform any maintenance on the machine. This helps reduce the risk of damage that could be caused to both you and your vacuum while you work on it.

2.) Whether your vacuum has a bag or a canister, it is good to monitor how much dirt and debris is picked up by your vacuum. Once t gets to about half full, you should always empty the bag or canaster before additional use. This reduces the risk of making a mess and damaging your machine. A good indicator that your bag is full is when you are trying to clean an area and there is a significant amount of debris on the floor that wasn’t there before. Another indicator is when the suction is no longer strong. At this point you should dispose of the dirt in the bag or canaster before you continue your cleaning.

3.) Regular inspection of the brushes is also a good practice. If they start to wear down the vacuum won’t perform properly. The rollers the brushes are attached to are know for pulling out the most dirt out of your carpet. These rollers have the capability to get down deep into the carpet fibers and remove the toughest dirt and debris. When you notice the brush, roll is starting to accumulate animal fur, strings, and other fibers it is time to consider cleaning the roll. They are simple to clean you can use scissors to remove the particles. When cleaning your roll make sure to pay close attention to the bearings, ends of the roll, and the belt area. Routine cleanings will help increase the longevity of your brushes for your machine.

4.) Another way to help prolong the life of your vacuum is by checking the hoses for potential blocks and clogs. After regularly using your vacuum for continuous cleanings, the interior tends to accumulate dirt and debris. Good practices include cleaning the unit itself. Routine unit cleanings help improve the overall performance of the machine and improves dirt removal from your carpets. Another point of focus when cleaning your vacuum unit should be the vents. When the vent covers become clogged from debris, you will notice your vacuum is performing not up to par. If you don’t clean the vents periodically you may encounter the issue of your machine over heating which could be costly in the long run.

Whenever you need help with your carpet cleaning call the experts at Blue’s Carpet Cleaning. Our team of experts are ready to help you at any time, and no job is too big or too small. Call (719) 494-1440 to schedule your appointment today!

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