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How to Keep Your Carpet Clean During the Summer

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

clean carpet in summer

Summer is a fun time of the year that everyone looks forward too. Warm weather, BBQ, and increased traffic to your home. This is all fun until you realize that the increase traffic into your home, also increased the dirt that is being tracked into your home overall. To help you enjoy all the fun that comes with Summer we have compiled some tips that can help you relax and enjoy your home space a little better.

There are a few things you can do to help reduce the amount of dirt that is brought into your home during the busier times of the summer months. Some of our tips include implementing a shoe free zone, adding doormats, and investing in area throw rugs, vacuuming more frequently, and getting the carpet cleaned professionally. These are a few ways to help keep your carpet new and fresh.

Shoe Free Areas

Having your children home for Summer vacation can increase the amount of traffic and dirt brought into your home. If your children enjoy the outdoors and warmer months, you can count on both them and their friends bringing in a lot of dirt and sand particles, along with any insects that may want to catch a ride to your home. Adding a shoe rack at the front and back doors will help reduce dirt particles from being embedded into the fibers of your carpet. This will help improve the longevity of your carpet’s life. Asking house guest to also leave their shoes at the front door will help reduce the amount of dirt brought into your home during the busier months as well.

Implementing Doormats

A great way to trap dirt and protect your carpets even more is to add door mats to the entryways of your home. Adding doormats to your home helps create a barrier between the dirt and your carpet. If it is more difficult to implement a shoe free zone in your home, then this will help decrease the amount of dirt that gets trapped in your actual carpeting. Buying a doormat that is designed to remove, dirt, moisture, and mud is a great way to help reduce your dirt intake over the months, and keep your carpets looking spotless and new.

Creating a Designated Party Area

An easier way to enjoy those fun summer parties and barbecues is to create a designated party area. This will help reduce any issues with dirt and debris being brought into your home. Setting up a space were party goers can both mingle and eat are a great way to reduce the amount of dirt that is brought into your home. If it is warm, then asking guests to stay out on the deck or patio should be a win-win for everyone!

Vacuuming Frequently

If you know that your carpet will be receiving more foot traffic than normal, then implementing a good vacuuming schedule is helpful. Vacuuming frequently helps reduce the amount of dirt accumulation that your carpet receives daily. We would suggest vacuuming twice a week if you have pets, and small children. This will help preserve your carpets and keep them from looking dirty and worn.

Professionally Cleaning Your Carpet Frequently

Having your carpet professionally cleaned is not only a necessity, but it helps reduce the number of allergens and dirt that can get embedded deep down in your carpet fibers. If you have a warranty for the carpet in our home, you will find that professionally cleaning your carpets frequently is highly recommended in the preservation of the life of your carpet.

For all your carpet cleaning needs, call the experts at Blue’s Carpet Cleaning. Our staff of experts is ready to help you with any issues you and your carpets may encounter. Call (719) 494-1440 to schedule your super fast drying carpet cleaning appointment today!

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