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How Cleaning Your Carpets Can Reduce Allergies

Cleaning Your Carpets Can Reduce Allergies

Like carpets, rugs also need routine cleanings to help prevent dirt and dust particles that could irritate allergies. Things such as dirt, dust particles, fur, and debris can get caught in the carpet fibers causing allergies flare-ups, and other problems. Scheduling regular cleanings are not only good for your home, but it helps keep you healthy as well. It is important to have deep cleanings on top of vacuuming regularly because it will help with removing harmful particles that are hiding deep in the fibers of your carpet. It also helps with reducing the number of stains and odors that can be omitted from dirt and allergens trapped deep within the fibers of your carpet.

Things That Can Get Trapped and Irritate Allergies

Dirty carpets are ideal breeding grows for mold, insects, and mites. Due to dirt getting trapped deep into the carpet fibers allergens and irritants have an easier time reproducing and burrowing into the carpets in your home. This also gives dirt and dust a place to hide without being noticed so easily. Both your carpets and rugs are perfect habitats for irritants to breed and interrupt your family’s health. Over time, your rugs and carpets can accumulate layers and layers of dirt that can eventually make it difficult for you to clean your carpet and remove dirt.

Respiratory and Skin Ailments

Whenever you or your pets step onto the carpet, like a sponge being squeezed, it releases all the dirt, debris, and micro insects that are trapped in the fibers into the air. These dirt particles then circulate around your home. This also creates the issue of these particles being inhaled and possibly ingested. This can increase your chances of developing respiratory or skin issues. Other ailments that can occur from having dirty carpets are the following:

· Difficulties breathing

· Constant irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat

· Athlete’s foot

· Skin asthma

· Chronic itching

For all your carpet needs call the experts at Blue’s Carpet Cleaning of Colorado Springs. Our expert team members are trained to handle any carpet issues you may encounter in your home. Call us at (719) 494-1440 to schedule your appointment today!

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