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5 Common Carpet Myths Demystified

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

dirty carpet myths

When deciding if carpet is the right fit for you, and your home it is good to do the proper research. There is a lot of myths about carpets that are not necessarily true. Today we are going to discuss some of the most common carpet myths, so you are not misleading by all the information you read out on the internet.

Myth #1 - Allergies Can Be Triggered by Carpets

With the different textures that carpets have, it is easy to believe that it can cause allergies to flare up, along with creating other respiratory problems for you and your family. This, however, is a complete myth. Carpets fibers trap allergens and other debris that can cause respiratory issues, as well as, trap pet dander and other particles that could make you sick. With the proper carpet maintenance schedule, you can make sure those allergens do not get released back into the air of your home. Vacuuming a few times, a week will help remove all the dirt and debris that is stuck deep in the fibers of your carpet.

Myth #2 – Carpet Maintenance is Time Consuming

In order to keep your carpet looking as great as the day you had it installed, proper weekly maintenance helps. Some people think that cleaning your carpet is hard and time consuming, but it is not that hard of a task to add to your weekly cleaning routine. Adding preventive measures helps improve the longevity of life for your carpets, so you and your family can enjoy it for years to come. Vacuuming once or twice a week, is something you should do especially if you have children or pets and adding a professional cleaning once every three months will help preserve your carpet for a lifetime. Professionally cleaning your carpet is a must, as it helps remove dirt, dust, pet dander, and other dirt particles that embed themselves deep into the fibers of the carpet along with any stains that may occur. Professional cleanings help get rid of the tougher stains that DIY stain remover sometimes can’t remove.

Myth #3 – Carpet Lead to Mold Growth

Mold doesn’t always grow in your carpet, but it has the potential to do this over time if the conditions are right. Depending on the texture of your carpet, it can create the opportunity for mold growth over time, as carpets hold in moisture that can be hard to pull out of your carpet. With the warmer temperatures in your home combined with moisture in your carpet that can eventually lead to mold growth. Although, this can be a bit alarming to think that mold could be growing in your carpet, it is an easy fix. First you can avoid moisture built up by not allowing drinks near the areas that are carpeted, also it is good to make sure that areas that can accumulate moisture such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements are not carpeted, as these are areas that can accumulate more moister than other rooms in the house.

Myth #4 – Carpets are Bad for Our Environment

When you think about the impact your carpet has on the environment, rest assured, there are lots of options to choose from to help reduce your carbon footprint. Just like other items you have purchase in your home, there are green options for you as well, that are more environmentally friendly. Carpet manufactures offer carpets that have both recycled materials and carpets that are made more with natural fibers. Finding green options are not hard to find, and almost all companies offer something to fit everyone’s needs.

Myth #5 – Carpets are Bad Home Décor

Most people believe that carpets can be tacky and can sometimes be considered as ugly décor in the home, but it depends on what style of carpet you purchase. You have the option to make your carpet your own and really find a style that fit you best. A lot of manufacturers offer a variety of styles, fibers, colors, cuts, textures, patterns, and more, so you can find the perfect carpet to compliment your home. Be creative and have fun with mixing and matching your carpet and tile.

For all your cleaning needs call the experts at Blue’s Carpet Cleaning. They will be able to answer any of your carpet questions. Call (719) 494-1440 to schedule your super fast drying carpet cleaning today!

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