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Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes Pet Owners Make

Updated: May 26, 2022


We already have high traffic in our homes, and sometimes we forget about the furry members of our families who also contribute to bringing in dirt to our homes. When a pet makes a stain on your carpet make sure you take the proper steps to remove the stain. Don’t make these common mistakes that could leave your carpet damaged.

Scrubbing the Carpet

When we first encounter a pet stain our first instinct is to scrub the carpet to try to remove the stain as quickly as possible. Doing this can be damaging to the carpet. When a pet brings in mud or has an accident the best thing to do to protect the fibers of your carpet is to dab the stain and not scrub. Scrubbing the stain only pushes the dirt deeper into the carpet fibers. In the long run, this could cause odors that are hard to dissolve over time. Dabbing the spot helps lift the stain and protect the carpet fibers from further damage. It reduces the chances of pushing the dirt deeper into the fibers and avoids odors. The best thing to use to remove a pet stain is a clean cloth, pet stain remover, or warm water and soap. This will help make cleaning the spot easier to remove.

Letting the Stain Settle into the Carpet

The longer the stain sets the harder it is to remove. Therefore, you should take the preventative measure to always be on the lookout for potential pet stains. If you can treat the stain right after it occurs, it can increase the longevity of your carpet’s life. Learning to remove stains the correct way will help reduce dirt build-up and improve air quality. Also, if you can keep pets off the carpet when you are not present that will help with reducing the risks of accidents and stains that could potentially reach deeper into your carpet fibers because you are unable to attend to the stain right away.

Not Using Professional Steam Cleaners

Some pet owners choose to try to treat their carpets on their own without the help of professional steam cleaners. Having professionals help you clean your carpets every few months is helpful because they can reach depths in your carpets that carpet cleaning machines you can buy or rent at your local stores would not be able to normally reach. Professional carpet cleaners can help eliminate germs and bacteria that could be harmful to your carpet and your health. Having professional carpet cleaners come in every few months for routine cleaning will leave your home feeling happy and healthy. Routine cleanings help relieve the stress of trying to pencil in time to make sure your carpets are taken care of leaving you more time to spend with your family.

The professionals at Blues Carpet Cleaning make sure to put your worries at ease with our thorough deep cleaning carpet services. Call the professionals at Blue’s Carpet cleaning at (719) 494-1440, to schedule your carpet cleaning today!

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