How to Keep Your Carpet Clean in Winter

The winter months are the perfect time for cozy evenings at home, brisk walks, and snowy outdoor activities. While winter precipitation can supply a lot of fun, it can also stain and age your carpets.
When your carpets are extremely dirty, a professional cleaning from Blues Carpet Cleaning will get them looking like new. In the meantime, keep your carpets clean this winter by following these guidelines.
Invest in Doormats
One of the easiest ways to keep dirt, salt, and winter precipitation outdoors where they belong is with doormats. Purchase a doormat for outside the door and inside the door.
This provides two chances to wipe your feet and increases the likelihood that you’re able to keep most outdoor debris from entering your home.
Avoid Wearing Your Shoes Inside Your Home
Even if you religiously wipe your feet, avoid wearing your shoes inside your home. There’s still going to be a bit of dirt and ick on your shoes. When you wear your shoes throughout your home, you’re transferring this grime to your carpets.
Instead, take your shoes off and put them in a boot tray or rack near your door. Change into a pair of house shoes that you only wear inside your home if you prefer to have something on your feet.
Keep Your Pets’ Paws Clean
Pets are notorious for dirtying carpets any season, but they can create a lot of mess in just a few minutes during the winter months.
Your pets can’t wipe their paws themselves, but you can help them do their part by taking a couple of minutes to their paws with a towel before they enter your home.
If your pets are prone to having muddy, dirty paws, invest in a paw cleaner that quickly removes mud and snow. Once you dry their paws, your pets are approved to enter your home.
Have a Plan to Deal with Spills and Stains
Despite your best efforts, your carpets are going to incur a few stains and spills this winter. The key to preventing lasting damage is to promptly treat and clean any spots. As soon as you see the spot, sprinkle a little powdered Tide on it. Powdered Tide has stain removers that literally lift stains out of fabrics. After a few minutes, add a little warm water so the Tide creates a paste. Let it sit for a few minutes and then blot the spot to remove as much of the grime as possible.
Then, use a scrub brush to remove any remaining mess. Finish by blotting the spot to remove as much moisture as possible.
Adhere to a Strict Vacuuming Schedule
Vacuuming is an effective way to help your carpets stay clean. You’ll need to vacuum at least once a week but depending on how much foot traffic your home has, you might need to vacuum a couple of times a week.
Make sure you’re vacuuming using the proper technique. You need to go over each area of your carpet 8-12 times and vacuum it from different directions to remove as much dirt as possible.
Schedule Regular Carpet Cleaning
Even though you’ve done your part, your carpets are still going to get dirty with regular use. Keep them dirt-free and looking like new with regular professional carpet cleanings.
For the best results, schedule a professional carpet cleaning with carpet cleaners in Colorado Springs twice a year.
The Bottom Line
With a little prevention and vigilance, you can keep your carpets clean and stain-free this winter. When your carpets and rugs need a little extra TLC, contact Blues Carpet Cleaning to schedule a professional carpet and rug cleaning.