DIY Carpet Cleaning Tips and Why You Should Just Hire a Pro

DIY Carpet Cleaning Tips and Why You Should Just Hire a Pro

Cleaning your carpets is essential to the air quality in your home as well as preserving them for longevity. Improper care leads to dust, dirt, and allergens which pass through the carpet fibers and stirs up into the air in your home. This impacts the air quality and long-term exposure can cause health issues such as asthma and allergies. Carpet requires proper care and maintenance with the right products. Whether you consider cleaning your carpets yourself or hiring a professional company, here are some cleaning tips to consider for maintaining and keeping your carpets clean.


Your shoes walk through all kinds of germs and dirt throughout the day. You don’t want these following you through the home and attaching to the carpet fibers. It’s important to take your shoes off, wipe them down, or only have house slippers before entering your home to avoid transferring dirt and bacteria onto the carpet or causing stains when your shoes are wet. Prevention is as important as maintenance and can reduce cleaning.

Vacuum routinely

Routine vacuuming is the bare minimum for carpet maintenance. Vacuuming regularly helps remove dust and dirt before it settles deeper into the carpet fibers. Although vacuuming helps to remove impurities from carpets, it does not thoroughly remove allergens, dirt, bacteria, or dust completely, which can exacerbate health concerns over time.

Immediately tackle stains

Clean up spills immediately, the longer it sits the more likely it is to become a harder to remove stain or permanent. If food is spilled, use a dull knife to carefully scrape any food and then use a clean towel to soak up the spill and treat the stain. Greasy spills can cause stains and be difficult to remove from the carpet. If correctly used, a few drops of grease-cutting dish soap with a cup of water may do the trick. Pour the solution into a spray bottle to soak the greasy stain and then blot up with a clean dry towel. This can be repeated multiple times until the stain is gone.

DIY cleaning machines

This is an affordable option if you know how to properly use a carpet cleaning machine, but you must also take the proper time to clean the carpet carefully and thoroughly. Before starting the machine cleaning, vacuum the carpet thoroughly and clear away any furniture in the area. Then use a pre-spray to treat any stains. When using a DIY cleaning machine go easy on the cleaning solution and only use the recommended amount. Any soap residue left behind can turn your carpet into a dirt magnet. It’s also important to make one pass with soap and water and then another pass with just clean water. These DIY carpet cleaning machines can put a lot of water into the carpet without enough suction to pull it out. This can triple the time needed for carpets to dry compared to a professional-grade carpet cleaning machine and may also take four to five times longer for you to DIY. Even though these cleaning machines can be powerful, they do not compare to the power and suction of pro-grade machines.

Why you should hire a pro

Hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is the best way to have your carpets cleaned thoroughly and properly. Cleaning carpets yourself takes a lot of time and effort and may result in insufficient cleaning. Professional carpet cleaners have years of expertise cleaning different types of carpets and have professional equipment that gets deep into all stained and soiled areas, with strong suction to remove the dirty water to allow the carpets to dry faster. With professional carpet cleaning, you are guaranteed great results with pro equipment that is fast and powerful.
Carpet cleaning not only makes your carpet look better but it helps eliminate contaminants and improves the air quality in your home. A professional carpet cleaner can provide better results than a DIY setup and can extend the longevity of your carpets, which results in saving you money in the future. It is recommended to have a thorough carpet cleaning at least once a year or more frequently if you have pets, kids, or a lot of carpet traffic.
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